Which is your favorite pet?

Monday, March 2, 2009


Buster is the most brilliant cat in the entire world. Yesterday he spoke! Really. He said hi to me in a babyish voice.
He's very cute and fat and frisky even though he's 14 years old. His birthday was in the fall, but we didn't have a cake. Just catnip.


Sara said...

Buster is such a cute cat! I'll bet he loved his birthday catnip!

chekka cuomova said...

omg he's soooo big!! and he's 14 years old?!! mine is 10 I'm kinda paranoid of losing her because I heard female cats could only live until 10-12 years old??
and that's why I can't believe your cat is 14 years old because he looks sooo young and healthy :D he's super cute I really wish I could hug him :D